Gray’s Crossing 101

Gray’s Crossing continues to show steady growth and has become one of the most active real estate markets in the area.  A healthy mixture of resale homes, new construction, and homesite sales have carved a concrete niche for the resort community.  A new Investor and developer recently purchased The Gray’s Crossing Village and will begin construction this summer.  The addition of The Village to the already thriving market will add value and boost energy into to the community, while acting as a source of advertising for the community. Below is a map identifying the envelope for the new village between Edwin Way and Highway 89.

Gray’s Crossing consists of 377 homesites mixed between 5 neighborhoods.  Below is a detailed description of the 5 unique Neighborhoods; They are all appropriately named.  You will find link to active property details and photos below the description.

Interactive Site Map Link

Woods– appropriately named the woods is for owners seeking the tranquility of the wooded forest.  The privacy and minimal traffic give many the “Tahoe Cabin” feel they are after.  Some woods homesites offer mountain views from a second story but for the most part the homesites are nestle among the pines.  Many of the best-valued homesites are off the golf course positioned back in the woods.

 Active Homes

( No Active Inventory)


 Active Homesites

11781 Bottcher Loop W104 @$112,000

11610 Bottcher Loop W80 @ $120,000

11000 Ghirard Road W5 @ $125,000

11705 Kelley Drive W68 @ $139,000

11640 Ghirard Road W119 @ $149,000

11220 Ghirard Road W147 @ $159,000

Meadows (M)- The Meadows offers filtered pine trees with maximum sun exposure.  All homesites in the meadows back up to the golf course.  The access to the amenities and walking distance to down town Truckee allow for dynamic homesite at average community pricing.

 Active Homes

11638 Henness Road @ $1,230,000

11430 Henness Road M3 @ $1,250,000

11040 Ghirard Road @ $1,499,000

11575 Henness Road M17 @ $1,699,000

 Active Homesites

11521 Henness Road M24 @ $199,000

11486 Henness Road M35 @ $219,000

11623 Henness Road M12 @ $225,000


Sierra Cove– Sierra Cove has proven to be the top tier homesites within Gray’s and was purchased from the developer as a secondary development investment.  The current owners are releasing homesites as the market climbs.    With only 21 Homesites in Total this area boasts mountain and Golf course views, open space with sun, and flat homesites.  For the most part all sierra cove homesites orient in a desired direction.

 Available Homes

(No Active Inventory)


 Available Homesites

(No Active Inventory)


The Ridge– is known for its proximity to the amenities (Fitness, Golf, PJ’s Restaurant).  The Ridge homesites have demand and the central location has attracted many.  This has become one of the more active building communities and very few vacant homesites remain.

 Active Homes

11073 Meek Court R39 @ $1,549,000

11042 Henness Road R44 @ $1,599,000

 Active Homesites

(No Active Inventory)

The Bluffs– The furthest neighborhood from the amenities, the Bluffs, allows the dollar to stretch.  The fact that the community is across the highway allows for a valued price on the homes and homesites while keeping the feel and amenities of the resort community.  If you love what Gray’s Crossing offers, but are not keen towards living on the golf course, this is a great neighborhood for you.

 Active Homes

10701 Labelle Court B18 @ $1,1450,000

11122 China Camp @ $1,449,000

10529 Brickell Court @ $1,495,000

11608 China Camp @ $1,549,000

 Active Homesites

11636 Coburn Drive B17 @ $80,000

11759 Coburn Drive B73 @ $99,000

11711 Coburn Drive B75 @$99,999

11349 China Camp B92 @ $110,000

10751 Labelle Court B19 @$119,000

10788 Labelle Cour B26 @ $139,000

11919 Coburn Drive B48 @189,000

10567 Brickell Court B84 @ $192,000

Thank you for taking the time read my update, I hope it was intriguing.  Please do not hesitate to contact me by email, phone or text if you would like more information on any of the local Tahoe communities or properties.  As always, please feel free to pass this update along to friends and family as I greatly appreciate your referrals. I look forward to hearing from you.




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