Lake Tahoe Mountain Paradise Homesite $79,000 in Gray’s Crossing

There is a general up climb in the market and Gray’s Crossing is no exception. The volatile community has made it through a rough patch and is showing much more stability. The homesite prices are a sure giveaway that the future looks very bright for Gray’s Crossing homeowners. Between the end of 2008 and June of 2013 there were 3 homesite sales exceeding $100K. The highest being $117K.   In 2014 there have been 17 Lot sales averaging $130K per sale.

There are a few homesites that are still listed under $100k including Bluffs #5 at $79,000. Bluffs #5 is a fantastic lot situated above the road with filtered mountain views and a wooded feel. Facing East, Bluffs #5 has great morning sun and allows options for home design within the envelope. B5 offers direct access to the pioneer trail that leads you directly into town with a short walk or bike ride.   With a great community feel, easy town access, championship golf and the most underrated restaurant in town, It is not hard to see why Gray’s Crossing lot prices keep rising and the properties keep selling.

Please let me know if you or someone you know has any interest in Tahoe Real Estate,I appreciate your referrals.

Jason Waters



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