GoPro Big or Go Home

Small enough to slip into your pocket, Light enough to strap to your forehead; and now, big enough to fit in your portfolio.

GoPro’s IPO launch on June 26th made big headlines and sent the net worth of the miniature HD personal camera company up to a reported $4.8 billion. The stock debuted at $24 and quickly doubled before leveling off yesterday (Friday) at $38. This IPO extravaganza landed the all the GoPro executives in new wealth categories banking hundreds of millions each. Not bad for CEO Nick Woodman who came up with the idea for GoPro after a surf trip where he was unable to capture any quality video from the shore.

Although click and shoot and handheld video cameras have been overtaken by smartphones GoPro has found a niche. The exposure from extreme athletes mixed with creative action marketing has made the use of a GoPro an everyday occurrence for many people. To better ratify that there are no boundaries, the most recent viral video is a man rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital as she begins labor. The possibilities are endless and as our lives become more and more viral the desire to document everything become almost habit. I own two go pros and at $399 it is not hard to own one yourself. I like to pick and choose what activities I document as sometimes the work and pleasure we get from our experience should only be shared with those in the moment, but that is for you to decide.


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