Local Advice: 5 Lake Tahoe 4th of July Activities The Kids Will Think You Are Cool for Booking



It is no secret that Lake Tahoe is the place to be on Independence Day, and if you have ever been to Safeway in Truckee you understand the importance of planning.   With the 4th falling on a Friday this year the holiday is setting us up for a weekend of epic proportions. Whether coming up for the entire week, or just the weekend, here ere are some local tips on making the best of your 4th of July celebrations.

Paddle Board Lake Tahoe

The newest craze in board sports is actually a blast. Head to Emerald Bay to rent paddleboards or Kayaks and venture to famous Fanette Island, the teahouse of Vikingsholm Mansion owner Lora Josephine Knight. Good fun for the entire family and if you have decent balance you won’t even get wet.


Downhill Mountain Biking Northstar, California

That’s no typo; you don’t even have to ride uphill! The lifts are running and the bikes go up right along side you, it is all downhill from there. Northstar offers rentals of all the equipment you will need to see all your favorite ski trails in summer form. For the less adventurous parties of the family, Northstar offers great hiking trails that give you a beautiful, less dusty, taste of Tahoe’s nature.


Beerfest, July 5th at the Northstar, California Village

Ok, maybe this one is not for the kids but there is a skating rink and a bungee trampoline. For the adults, mix the words beer and fest and you always have a good time.   Add a little bluegrass music and that seems like a great way to keep the holiday rolling. Listening to music while tasting dozens of different beers seems pretty American to me.

Northstar Beerfest!

Rent a Boat

It is one thing to see Tahoe from the shore; it is a whole new ballgame to see it from the water. They don’t call Tahoe “Big Blue” for nothing. Jumping off the boat into the crystal clear blue water can change the perspective of Tahoe in General.   Take a cruise down the east shore to see magnificent granite boulders popping out of the water but don’t forget to valet park your boat at Sunnyside Restaurant’s deck for some fish taco’s and a margarita.



What is great about Tahoe is that all the above activities can be accessed from your local campsite. If you haven’t booked one yet it might be tough to find availability, but sleeping under the stars is by far one of the best experiences of Tahoe. Donner State Park on Donner Lake offers great local access mixed with local history from the Donner Party memorial. It will also give you great access to the firworks show, and if you didn’t know Tahoe offered amazing independence day fireworks shows (plural), you might have been living under a rock.


Jason Waters

(530) 414-1600



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