2014 World Cup Fever


6.12. 2014

The Eyes of the world are on Brazil for the next month as the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off today. The Host team is heavily favored against Croatia in the opening game at 1pm this afternoon. Brazil is a five-time winner of the World Cup and one of only eight teams to have ever won the Cup.

Not Just for Glory and Fame

32 teams will compete in 64 games between now and July 13th. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Teams will be leaving everything out on the field in hopes of hoisting the cup and earning the $35million first prize. The runner-up does ok as well earning $25million. FIFA is estimated to bank $4.5billion in TV and sponsor revenue

Local Concern

Like the Olympics the World Cup surfaces every four years and this is the second time Brazil has played host. Not everyone in Brazil is excited about the event coming to their home, and many are voicing their opinion of why the World Cup is bad for Brazil. There have already been local protests to the opening of the cup.


Beginning in 1930 this is the 20th World Cup. Without a doubt this is the event the entire world watches. Rooting for USA is a must but it comes as unfamiliar territory, Underdog. USA has been to 10 World Cups. They failed to qualify from 1954-1986 and their best finish being 3rd in 1930. USA’s top recent finish was 8th in 2002, making the quarterfinals. Miracles do happen but most of us know the chances of the USA Soccer Team hoisting the World Cup are slimmer than a steam rolled credit card.

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World Cup TV Schedule 2014


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